The 7 Splendid Inns in Kano (Nigeria)

The city of Kano was chosen as a destination, but now you need to find a hotel that has everything you want, right?
Nothing better than a list of the best hotels in the city. There are several and for all tastes, so it will be very difficult not to like at least one of them. You will find very elegant hotels, others that guarantee spacious and comfortable rooms, it will be up to you to choose the ideal one.
When you read the article in full, it is almost certain that your concern will be simply which points of interest you want to visit or which restaurants you want to try traditional dishes.
The 7 Splendid Inns in Kano (Nigeria) - Without wasting any more time, get to know some of the magnificent hotels we have on the list.

1 - Mozida Suites

Rated 4.1 in 595 reviews

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42/45 Burma Rd, Kano

Mozida Suites is undoubtedly an option to consider.
First of all, the location of this establishment is not far from certain points of interest, as it will be possible to try the gastronomy in the restaurants close to the hotel.
Speaking now more precisely of the Mozida Suites installations, it has an elegance in every space. Regarding the rooms, they are very comfortable, so that guests can have a good night's sleep.
The morning meal does not disappoint, the hotel has very good quality products and they are very well prepared.
If Mozida Suites is here, it's because it's certainly a good hotel to rest (Amazing Inns in Kano (Nigeria)).


2 - Porto Golf Hotels

Rated 4.2 in 772 reviews

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13D Isa Dutse Rd, Kano

If you want to have a good rest, choose Porto Golf Hotels.
In this hotel you will find very sophisticated spaces, be it the lounge or dining room, etc. The rooms are also no different, as they have good comfort and even have some amenities.
The hotel team is all very professional and friendly towards guests and are always ready to help with whatever is necessary or even answer any questions that may arise, whether about the hotel or the city of Kano.
This extraordinary hotel has many advantages, so you won't regret spending a few nights at this establishment (Superb Inns in Kano).


3 - Prince Hotel

Rated 4.2 in 937 reviews

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Tamandu Road, off Audu Bako Way, Kano

Superb Lodges in Kano (Nigeria) - We think you'll really like Prince Hotel.
We are talking about an establishment that manages to make all its guests happy. It all starts with the reception, where the staff are very friendly towards customers, but above all professional.
As for the rooms, it is simply impressive, not only because of the elegant decor, but also everything is so well organized, to the point that it is very easy to know where things are.
It is also important to note that the cleanliness of the rooms, like the rest of the hotel's facilities, is always very clean.
A very interesting hotel that is very well located in Kano.


4 - Guest Pride Hotel

Rated 4.2 in 54 reviews

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1 Arc Ibrahim Haruna Link, Farm Center, Kano

A good room to have a totally relaxed night? The Guest Pride Hotel has not only good rooms, but other qualities.
The location is quite interesting, as there are not only some accesses, but also some points of interest and transport available for the population of the region (Surprising Accommodations in Kano).
As for the rooms, as mentioned, they are good, as they contain comfortable beds, some furniture and interesting amenities. All rooms are always very clean, so you won't have to worry about that detail.
Whether it's rooms, or even location, this hotel is very good, that's why we give Guest Pride Hotel a very positive rating.


5 - Bristol Palace Hotel

Rated 4.4 in 3394 reviews

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54-56 Guda Abdullahi Rd, Kano

An establishment for all types of tourism.
If you are a very active person, Bristol Palace Hotel might be ideal, as they have rooms with everything you need. The beds are quite comfortable, which can be a strong point, so that you can fully rest and be ready for the next day and visit all the points of interest in Kano, as well as try the gastronomy.
If you are a less active person, you can always enjoy all aspects of the establishment, such as meals, lounge and much more.
One thing is for sure, it will be very well received at Bristol Palace Hotel. If you were curious, then why not choose this one now?


6 - K Suites and Towers Limited

Rated 3.8 in 364 reviews

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21 Race Course Rd, Kano

For those looking for a hotel that contains beautiful and very comfortable rooms.
K Suites and Towers Limited has very refined rooms, with everything the customer needs and above all a very comfortable bed so we can sleep a night without interruptions.
The establishment's breakfast has a wide variety of meals, it's up to us to choose what we feel like at the moment.
The room cleaning service is professional, they always leave the rooms very clean. The rest of the hotel's spaces are also very clean, especially the dining area.
As for the reception, it is always helpful, even when the guest needs some information about the city of Kano.
It is worth staying at this hotel.


7 - R & K Guest Palace

Rated 4.2 in 1027 reviews

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5 Magajin Rumfa Rd, Kano

Incredible Accommodations in Kano (Nigeria) - Surely you'll be happy to meet R & K Guest Palace.
This establishment, which is well located in Kano has a rather striking facade, but it also has a very appealing interior design that we believe you will like.
The establishment's atmosphere is welcoming, not only because of the facilities, but also thanks to the team. All staff are helpful, friendly and mostly professional.
Arriving now at the rooms, they are spacious and have some amenities that you may like, not to mention that the beds are very comfortable. You don't have to worry about cleanliness, all spaces are always clean (including the rooms).
An admirable hotel located in Nigeria, more precisely in Kano.



Thrilling Inns In Kano (Nigeria) - Conclusion:

Thrilling Inns in Kano (Nigeria) – We are now at the end of this article, so you must have already chosen a hotel that has the conditions you were looking for.
Now that you've booked a room at the hotel you wanted, you'll just have to wait anxiously for the day you'll travel to this fabulous country, more precisely to the city of Kano. Make the most of everything the city has to offer, from the gastronomy and beautiful areas that you will definitely want to visit and much more.
We hope you have a good trip to Nigeria, and don't forget to take some pictures to remember in the future and show your family.