The 6 Sweet Lodges in Monrovia (Liberia)

For a city as beautiful as Monrovia, it is necessary to stay in a wonderful hotel.
Here we show our list that contains the best hotels in the city in question, so it is sure that you choose one of the hotels that will be in this article.
All hotels meet certain criteria, which is why they also need to be on our list. We have some images, as well as some links, in case you want more information about a specific hotel.
The 6 Sweet Lodges in Monrovia (Liberia) - Without further ado, find out which hotel you want to stay in now, because one thing is for sure, you will have a good rest, whatever hotel you choose.

1 - RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas

Rated 4 in 143 reviews

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68M9+54P, Mills Center

An establishment that has very welcoming areas.
RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas is located in a somewhat privileged area, that is to say, it will be very easy to visit some points of interest or try the traditional dishes of the country (Liberia).
If there's one thing the hotel has that's great, it's the rooms, which are not only quite elegant, but also because they have very comfortable beds, among other things. As for cleanliness, it is noted that everything is very clean, in short, top marks in this regard.
Now we come to meals, more precisely at breakfast, there is a lot of variety, which is good, but being all very well prepared helps a lot to make the meal divine (Best Lodges in Monrovia).
This is one of the hotels that is in Monrovia that impresses positively.


2 - Afrilodge

Rated 4 in 6 reviews

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857X+PCV, Carey St, Monrovia

Hotel with a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
Afrilodge contains very appealing rooms, not only for the design, but also for the comfort and nothing better than resting in a room like this.
As for cleanliness, all spaces are always very clean, as in the rooms, which means that the team responsible for this segment is professional, which is excellent.
The Afrilodge is well located in the city (Monrovia), which helps you get to the landmarks that interest you more quickly.
It is certainly a hotel worth staying for a few nights if you want to visit Monrovia which is located in Liberia.


3 - Riverside Resort Villas

Rated 3.8 in 38 reviews

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96V9+86R, Bushrod Island, Monrovia

Hotel that has a certain refinement and some modern details in the mix?
Why not try Riverside Resort Villas?
This establishment contains what customers usually look for, that is, comfort and a room that makes you want to spend more time there. But of course it might not be enough to convince some people, however, it convinced us since the hotel's decor is very pleasant.
We Trip Everywhere team pay a lot of attention to cleanliness and luckily in this hotel it is something that the hotel staff do not fail to do, therefore, top marks in that aspect.
We consider it one of the best hotels in Monrovia.


4 - Boulevard Palace Hotel

Rated 4.4 in 252 reviews

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Boulevard Palace Hotel is in a very interesting location.
This hotel has wonderful rooms for guests to get a good night's sleep. As for the dining room or the lounge, they have a very cozy atmosphere that you will surely like.
We also highlight the fact that the establishment is strongly committed to the way it treats its guests, so that they can choose the hotel again if they want to revisit the city of Monrovia.
If the concern is cleanliness, there is no reason to do so, as the team that handles this segment is very professional.
Thrilling Resorts in Monrovia - The stay at this hotel is guaranteed to be good.


5 - The Cape Hotel

Rated 4.3 in 171 reviews

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United Nations Dr, Monrovia

If you're a detail-oriented person, why not get to know The Cape Hotel better?
A hotel that is not only concerned with the essentials, but also with something that can make its customers more satisfied and happy and for this very reason, it would be impossible not to mention it.
Whether it's customer service at the front desk or at meals, you're almost certain to not be disappointed. The The Cape Hotel team was very impressed with the hotel team, who pay attention to every detail so that the customer can always leave the hotel with a smile on their face.
As for the facilities, we can say that the rooms were very surprising, to the point of wanting to stay longer and continue to visit the points of interest in The Cape Hotel and surroundings.
This hotel is fully approved by the Trip Everywhere team.


6 - Executive Inn

Rated 3.5 in 20 reviews

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68MP+36C, RIA Highway, Thinkers Village, Wamba Town

This hotel deserves to be in this article.
Customer satisfaction is high in Executive Inn because the hotel staff is extremely friendly and helpful, but not only that.
The rooms have everything essential for guests, not to mention the comfort they offer. The design of the rooms is quite beautiful, like the rest of the spaces, being another pleasant surprise.
The hotel is quite well located in Monrovia, so there are some places where guests can walk around and see very beautiful places (Lovely Hotels in Monrovia).
Undoubtedly, it is a very interesting hotel to spend a beautiful night's rest.



Top Inns In Monrovia (Liberia) - Conclusion:

Top Inns in Monrovia (Liberia) – As you can see, this list only has fabulous hotels, but we believe you have found the perfect one for you. Now that you've chosen a hotel to stay, all you have to do is book a room.
After choosing, you will only have to wait anxiously for the day you will go to the country (we are assuming that you have already purchased the ticket).
One thing we are sure is that you will love spending a few days in Liberia, because it is a country that contains many tourist attractions and much more.
Now we can only wish you a good trip and above all, have fun in your new adventure.