The 6 Thrilling Accommodations in Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa))

There are many beautiful cities, but if you're here it's because the choice fell on Lubumbashi. Now the most important thing is to choose a hotel where you can have a good rest, right?
That's why this article will be ideal for you, as you'll find several establishments here that will catch your eye, some because of their elegance, others because of their rooms and more.
It is important to point out that we chose these establishments because they guarantee a good stay.
The 6 Thrilling Accommodations in Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa)) - Don't waste too much time and get to know some of the excellent hotels that are located in Lubumbashi.

1 - Pullman Lubumbashi Grand Karavia

Rated 4.8 in 2499 reviews

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55 Rte Du Golf, Lubumbashi

Not all hotels can guarantee rooms as comfortable as Pullman Lubumbashi Grand Karavia.
The hotel usually has a lot of guests, not only because it has good rooms, but also because it has a team with a lot of experience in the area. Whether at reception, cleaning or even at meals, it's something that anyone is positively surprised.
The hotel's breakfast is very good, we are talking about a lot of variety, as well as the products are of good quality.
Regarding the area where the hotel is located, it is not far from certain points of interest, as you can later see (Pleasant Hotels in Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa))).
This hotel is a great choice to stay and tour the city of Lubumbashi.


2 - Upemba Hotel

Rated 4 in 6 reviews

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34 Av. Mwepu, Lubumbashi

Glamorous Lodges in Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa)) - Hotel that always leaves a mark on everyone who visits the city of Lubumbashi.
Nothing is perfect, however, Upemba Hotel has details that are worth spending at least one night.
One thing is for sure, whether in the bedrooms, lounge, or even in the dining room, you will not be disappointed. All spaces contain a very appealing design, as it is also possible to verify that the spaces are always very clean, thanks to the excellent work on the part of the employees in this segment.
The meals do not fall short of the rest, we are talking about products of very good quality and that you will not regret trying if you have breakfast at the hotel.
If you're wondering if it's worth staying at the hotel in Lubumbashi, we say yes.


3 - Hotel Lubumbashi

Rated 3.9 in 207 reviews

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Av. du 30 juin, Lubumbashi

Glamorous Inns in Lubumbashi - Hotel Lubumbashi could be perfect for those who want to visit every corner of the city of Lubumbashi.
The hotel is very well located in Lubumbashi, this means that you can visit some tourist areas, as well as discover some of the region's cuisine, by going to one of the restaurants not far from Hotel Lubumbashi.
As for the hotel, it has attractive spaces, as well as a very cozy atmosphere. The rooms are no different from what we have just talked about, but it doesn't end here, comfort is something that dominates and that will help a lot for guests to be able to relax during the night without problems.
Why not try staying in Hotel Lubumbashi.


4 - Park Hôtel Lubumbashi

Rated 3.6 in 48 reviews

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50 Av. Munongo, Lubumbashi

A little tired of researching which hotel to stay in Lubumbashi? Why not Park Hôtel Lubumbashi?
An establishment that always puts the guest first, not to mention that all the staff are impeccable, we are mainly talking about friendliness and professionalism.
As for the rooms, they are spacious and have comfortable beds and beautiful furniture that match the entire design and you can also enjoy some amenities.
The morning meal is quite important to start our day, so the hotel has a good variety to choose from, not to mention that all the food is always very well prepared (Elegant Hotels in Lubumbashi).
What do you think about spending a few nights in this establishment?


5 - Hotel Planet Hollybum

Rated 4.1 in 114 reviews

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Avenue Kilele Balanda 975, Province du Katanga, DRC, Lubumbashi, Zambia, Lubumbashi, République démocratiqu, Lubumbashi

Very refined hotel that deserves to be here.
Hotel Planet Hollybum is very well located in the city of Lubumbashi, this means that it has some very interesting areas nearby that you should visit, as well as you can try some of the region's cuisine in some nearby restaurants.
Coming now to another important point, the rooms, which are spacious and quite eye-catching and have unusual comfort.
Now speaking of the morning meal, guests will have the opportunity to try and see how well-prepared the food is.
Incredible Hotels in Lubumbashi - A hotel that must be taken into account for anyone who wants to visit the city of Lubumbashi.


6 - Riverside hotel

Rated 3.9 in 47 reviews

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10 Chem. Public, Lubumbashi

Want to get to know Riverside hotel better?
The establishment benefits from an interesting area, that is, it is close to tourist areas that may be of your liking.
As for the hotel itself, you will be pleasantly surprised, as the colors and decoration are very appealing, whether in the corridors, lounge or even in the dining room. Regarding the rooms, they guarantee comfort and everything that is essential for guests.
If you are a person who normally likes to try breakfast in a hotel, then we believe you will like the options that Riverside hotel has.
(Beautiful Hotels in Lubumbashi) - For those who want a good hotel that is more or less well located in Lubumbashi.



Magnificent Inns In Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa)) - Conclusion:

Magnificent Inns in Lubumbashi (Congo (Kinshasa)) – At this point, you just saw the list of hotels, now you need to decide which one to stay in or have you already decided?
If you have already decided, we advise you not to waste time and book a room, so that you do not have the misfortune later on that it is full.
In Congo (Kinshasa), you will be impressed not only by all the tourist attractions that the country contains, but also by other things that you will surely love.
We finish by wishing you a good trip and that you enjoy the good things that the country and especially the city of Lubumbashi has.