The 7 Fantastic Hotels in Handan (China)

There are many beautiful cities, but if you're here it's because the choice fell on Handan. Now the most important thing is to choose a hotel where you can have a good rest, right?
That's why this article will be ideal for you, as you'll find several establishments here that will catch your eye, some because of their elegance, others because of their rooms and more.
It is important to point out that we chose these establishments because they guarantee a good stay.
The 7 Fantastic Hotels in Handan (China) - Don't waste too much time and get to know some of the excellent hotels that are located in Handan.

1 - Holiday Inn Express Handan East

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No 1 Weijiu Road, New District, Handan

Top Hotels in Handan - Are you ready to make a stay in Holiday Inn Express Handan East?
It is an establishment that had to be on our list, as it has many strengths. One of them are the rooms, which guarantee a good night's sleep, not only due to the comfortable beds, but also how things are organized and of course the decor.
The lounge and dining area are worth mentioning, as they have a very cozy and even a little refined atmosphere.
As for breakfast, you will find the essentials, nothing fancy, but everything is very well prepared and the food is of good quality.
An exemplary establishment in China that you will surely like.


2 - 驿都金陵大酒店

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Handan, 邯郸县

It is quite possible that you will choose this hotel to discover the corners of the city of Handan.
Let's talk about the rooms first, they are comfortable, with beautiful furniture and, above all, everything is very clean and well organized. All rooms have Wi-Fi, so you're never disconnected from your social networks or even what's going on in the world on a daily basis.
Now we come to another detail, that is breakfast, luckily it doesn't disappoint at all, since all the food is well prepared, as there is a good variety of choice (Formidable Inns in Handan (China)).
Get ready for adventure in Handan and make stay in 驿都金陵大酒店.



Magnificent Resorts In Handan (China) - Conclusion:

Magnificent Resorts in Handan (China) – It is now at the end of the article. Hopefully you've found a hotel that has everything you want. Don't forget to book a room at your chosen hotel.
If you already have the ticket to go to China, then you just have to wait anxiously for the day of the trip to arrive.
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For our part, we can only now wish you a good trip and enjoy this new experience as much as you can.