The 10 Superb Inns in Anshun (China)

There are many beautiful cities, but if you're here it's because the choice fell on Anshun. Now the most important thing is to choose a hotel where you can have a good rest, right?
That's why this article will be ideal for you, as you'll find several establishments here that will catch your eye, some because of their elegance, others because of their rooms and more.
It is important to point out that we chose these establishments because they guarantee a good stay.
The 10 Superb Inns in Anshun (China) - Don't waste too much time and get to know some of the excellent hotels that are located in Anshun.

1 - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anshun

Rated 4.4 in 21 reviews

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Anshun, Xixiu District, 虹山湖路42号

If you're looking for a hotel that's a step up in terms of detail, then you'll have to consider DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anshun.
The hotel has very cozy rooms, due to their design, as well as everything is very well organized.
Regarding cleanliness, it is clear that it is taken very seriously and this is something to take into account.
The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anshun is very well located in the city of Anshun, which turns out to be a determining point for choosing this hotel.
Impressive Accommodations in Anshun - It is a hotel that has a very positive evaluation on our part and that we really advise you to spend a few nights.


2 - Howard Johnson Hot Spring Resort Anshun

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No.38 Yingbin Avenue, Anshun

Howard Johnson Hot Spring Resort Anshun is in a very interesting area, which is a pleasure for many of its customers, as it was for us.
There are some landmarks that are definitely worth visiting, as well as trying some of the typical dishes in the restaurants of Anshun. In case of doubt, the reception of the hotel helps with whatever is necessary, which ends up making it much easier.
As for the hotel itself, there are only positive aspects, from the rooms that contain everything essential, to the beds that are very comfortable. The cleaning service is very professional, always very clean.
Many hotels that stay in China, this is one that definitely deserves a very positive note.


3 - 7 Days Premium An Shun Train Station Branch

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No, 121 中华东路 Xixiu District, Anshun

The Trip Everywhere team recommends 7 Days Premium An Shun Train Station Branch, as it is a hotel that treats its guests in an exemplary way, as well as having good facilities, which we are about to talk about.
First comes the main thing, these are the rooms, they have everything necessary for the guest and also a very comfortable bed. We also highlight the design and decoration of the rooms, which are quite appealing.
The remaining spaces are welcoming, such as the lounge for example.
When you enter the dining room in the morning, you will notice that you have some variety to choose from for your breakfast (Relevant Hotels in Anshun).
It is an exemplary hotel in every aspect.



Pleasant Resorts In Anshun (China) - Conclusion:

Pleasant Resorts in Anshun (China) – You just looked at the list, certainly there were some hotels you liked, but you can only choose one. Once you've decided on the establishment you want to spend the nights in, all you have to do is book a room.
Assuming you already have a ticket to travel to China, that means you can already pack your bags and start dreaming about the wonders you're going to visit in the country in question and much more.
For our part, we hope you have a good trip, but above all, have a great time in the city of Anshun.