The 5 Surprising Inns in Ximeicun (China)

The 5 Surprising Inns in Ximeicun (China) - Hotels that are really worth it? You are in the right place to meet them.
In this article you will find magnificent establishments that are in Ximeicun.
It is no mere coincidence that many people enjoy traveling to this country China, which contains impressive landscapes, not to mention the fact that the cuisine is exceptional.
The hotels that appear on this list are the ones that our Trip Everywhere team decided were the best to stay in the city of Ximeicun.
No more wasting time and see which are the best hotels where you can enjoy an excellent stay.

1 - Overseas Chinese Hotel

Rated 4.5 in 2 reviews

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Nan'An, Quanzhou

To visit such a beautiful city, you need a hotel that is at a good level too.
Overseas Chinese Hotel will be the right choice, not only for the area where it is located, but also for the excellent rooms that the establishment has.
The hotel team is also something that is important to point out, both the reception staff and the rest are very kind, which makes any guest feel free to ask any questions they may have.
As for breakfast, it may not be anything exceptional, but it sure won't disappoint, there is some variety to choose from, but it's important to mention that all food is of good quality.
Sweet Accommodations in Ximeicun - If you're going to spend a few days in Ximeicun, then there's nothing better than relaxing in a hotel that has everything to make you feel satisfied.


2 - Winlong International Hotel

Rated 4.2 in 17 reviews

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Quanzhou, Anxi County, 二环路

A hotel that has good features for you to relax? We think Winlong International Hotel will be right for you.
The establishment's rooms are quite good, due not only to the decoration, but also to everything they have for guests.
The other facilities at Winlong International Hotel, such as the dining room, are very welcoming, not to mention the excellent breakfast (all the food is very well prepared and there is a lot of variety).
Regarding the cleaning service, it is very competent, since all areas of the hotel are always very clean (including the rooms).
Formidable Lodges in Ximeicun (China) - A hotel to have a good night's rest.


3 - Over Seas Chinese Hotel

Rated 3.6 in 5 reviews

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1 Lianyi St, An Xi Xian, Quanzhou

Charming Accommodations in Ximeicun (China) - Very good hotel that is in Ximeicun, why not make a stay?
Over Seas Chinese Hotel is simply divine in some aspects, but mainly in the rooms, which are comfortable and very cozy, which meets what people usually look for.
Other than that, the way in which the reception receives guests is something to take into account at this establishment, as not all establishments are able to guarantee. Not only at the reception, but also the rest of the Over Seas Chinese Hotel team of workers treat guests very kindly.
This hotel will be the ideal place to relax after a good stroll through the iconic streets of Ximeicun.



Top Inns In Ximeicun (China) - Conclusion:

Top Inns in Ximeicun (China) – It is now at the end of this article.
We hope you not only liked the list, but also found a hotel to spend your nights in Ximeicun.
Now that you've chosen an establishment, all you have to do is focus on what you want to visit in Ximeicun.
If you are looking for hotels in a particular city again, do not hesitate to look at our website, so you will quickly find an ideal hotel, just as you are currently doing.
Finally, we wish you a good trip, and we hope you enjoy this new adventure of yours in China.