The 4 Stupendous Hotels in Qingyuan (China)

Looking for a list of the best hotels in the city of Qingyuan? You just found it.
This list was prepared by our team Trip Everywhere, the main focus was to respect the requirements that most people are looking for, one of them is comfort.
All the establishments that we have here contain all the criteria for you to evaluate whether you want to go to this hotel or not, such as customer satisfaction, independent reviews, some images and even links, if you want to prepare your trip to China.
The 4 Stupendous Hotels in Qingyuan (China) – Start looking through the list now and find a hotel that fits your needs.

1 - Gehao Holiday Hotel

Rated 3.4 in 11 reviews

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Qingyuan, Qingcheng District, 先锋中路18号

An establishment that many people love, but why?
It all starts with the essentials, which are the rooms, these are quite beautiful, not to mention the way everything is organized. If you are mainly looking for a comfortable bed, then you will definitely like this hotel.
The other facilities do not disappoint, which is very good, but we also highlight the frequent cleaning of all spaces.
Gehao Holiday Hotel is very well located in Qingyuan, so you can try not only the gastronomy of the region, but also visit some areas of the city that you will surely love (Splendid Inns in Qingyuan (China)).
Will you love Gehao Holiday Hotel?


2 - Royal Crown Hotel

Rated 4 in 5 reviews

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No.6 Area, New City, 8 凤鸣路 Qing Cheng Qu, Qingyuan

Royal Crown Hotel could very likely have the requirements you are looking for.
Let's start by talking about the location first, the hotel is very well located in Qingyuan, so it's possible to try the traditional dishes of the region by going to one of the nearby restaurants.
As for the points of interest, the Royal Crown Hotel is not far from some that may be to your liking and that you really want to visit.
As for the hotel, it has comfortable and quite beautiful rooms, which means that you will recover your energy well in this establishment.
Impressive Resorts in Qingyuan - A good hotel in a wonderful city.


3 - Holyton International Hotel

Rated 3.9 in 15 reviews

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35 Beijianger Rd, Qing Cheng Qu, Qingyuan

Incredible Hotels in Qingyuan - If you haven't decided which hotel to stay in, why not try Holyton International Hotel?
If one of the most important requirements is the rooms, then it is certain that you will not be disappointed with this establishment, because they are beautiful, with everything very well organized and contain some amenities. The beds are something that stands out too, because they are very comfortable.
This hotel has a very professional and friendly team, so you won't have to worry about that, if you have any questions, whether about the hotel or the city, nothing better than asking at reception, who will help you clarify all.
Take the opportunity to get to know the city of Qingyuan and stay in Holyton International Hotel.


4 - Lilac Garden Hotel

Rated 4.5 in 2 reviews

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1 Beijiangyi Rd, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan

For such a beautiful city, there has to be a good hotel to stay in and Lilac Garden Hotel will be the right choice.
The hotel has very good rooms, as they have some amenities, as well as impressive comfort. In short, the rooms is something this establishment excels at.
The other spaces also deserve to be talked about, as they have a cozy atmosphere. As for breakfast, the hotel has some variety, so it doesn't disappoint.
Awesome Hotels in Qingyuan - Be it for the rooms, or even for other reasons, the hotel does not disappoint, however, there is a detail or another that like all the others will have to improve.



Lovely Resorts In Qingyuan (China) - Conclusion:

Lovely Resorts in Qingyuan (China) – As you have seen, these are hotels that deserve to be on the list, now all that remains is to choose the one that is most appropriate for you. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed, whichever establishment you choose.
If you've already decided, you just have to book a room now, that way, later on, you won't have to worry about whether the hotel might be full or not.
As for the trip, we hope everything goes well, but above all, that you enjoy every moment. Don't forget to take pictures and record videos to show your friends and family.