The 5 Attractive Inns in Taizhou (China)

Are you currently looking for hotels in Taizhou?
You've come to the right place, here we show you amazing hotels that you're sure to love. The establishments we chose follow some requirements desired by the vast majority of people, such as having good rooms.
All the hotels shown in the list contain images, a short description of the hotel, the location and a button (for more information and more).
The 5 Attractive Inns in Taizhou (China) - Ready to discover the beautiful city of Taizhou? Then, all you have to do is choose the hotel so that you can then start an adventure that you will love.

1 - 泰州国际金陵大酒店

Rated 3.7 in 7 reviews

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Taizhou, Hailing District, 海陵南路298号

泰州国际金陵大酒店 has a high customer satisfaction rating, but one must be wondering why.
It all starts with the place where the hotel is located, close to landmarks that everyone wants to visit.
But of course, a good hotel is not just about being well located, it has rooms with excellent design, comfortable beds, very decent bathrooms and among other things that will make the customer want to come back to this hotel.
The entire hotel team is very professional as well as helpful.
We could only recommend 泰州国际金陵大酒店 if you want to visit Taizhou which is in China.


2 - Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel Taizhou Wanda Square

Rated 3.8 in 6 reviews

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Taizhou, Hailing District, 青年南路320号

It is quite possible that you will choose this hotel to discover the corners of the city of Taizhou.
Let's talk about the rooms first, they are comfortable, with beautiful furniture and, above all, everything is very clean and well organized. All rooms have Wi-Fi, so you're never disconnected from your social networks or even what's going on in the world on a daily basis.
Now we come to another detail, that is breakfast, luckily it doesn't disappoint at all, since all the food is well prepared, as there is a good variety of choice (Fantastic Resorts in Taizhou).
Get ready for adventure in Taizhou and make stay in Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel Taizhou Wanda Square.


3 - Hanting Express Taizhou Wanda

Rated 3.5 in 2 reviews

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Taizhou, Hailing District, Jichuan W Rd, 济川西路明珠花园150号楼

An establishment that we love and we will explain why.
First of all, we talk about how welcoming the staff are to the customers, to the point of wanting to make us as comfortable as if we were at home. Another important detail to note is that the hotel conveys delicacy, something to take into account.
If you are looking for more highlights, this is comfort. Both the rooms and the rest are simply amazing.
The location of Hanting Express Taizhou Wanda is good, being close to some important places of Taizhou. We are also talking about a country that is worth visiting.
If you want to know the city of Taizhou, then you have to consider this establishment.


4 - Golden Phoenix Hotel

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Taizhou, Hai Ling Qu, 凤凰东路18号

A hotel that has good features for you to relax? We think Golden Phoenix Hotel will be right for you.
The establishment's rooms are quite good, due not only to the decoration, but also to everything they have for guests.
The other facilities at Golden Phoenix Hotel, such as the dining room, are very welcoming, not to mention the excellent breakfast (all the food is very well prepared and there is a lot of variety).
Regarding the cleaning service, it is very competent, since all areas of the hotel are always very clean (including the rooms).
Wonderful Hotels in Taizhou (China) - A hotel to have a good night's rest.


5 - Atour Hotel

Rated 4 in 4 reviews

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FWGC+GCJ, Near Jingting Road, Taizhou

Many people choose this hotel to get to know the city Taizhou, want to know why?
First of all, Atour Hotel is an establishment that is well situated, with some landmarks, as well as being able to try some cuisine in the restaurants that are not far from the hotel.
As for the hotel itself, it has a very elegant and attractive design, which helps people consider relaxing a few nights in it. But of course that's not all that's important, but the comfort in the rooms is also very important and the hotel doesn't fail in these important details (Stunning Hotels in Taizhou (China)).
It is very likely that you love Atour Hotel.



Top Accommodations In Taizhou (China) - Conclusion:

Top Accommodations in Taizhou (China) – If you got here, it's because you just saw all the hotels we had on the list.
Has there been a hotel that has been very interested in booking a room? We believe so, as all establishments have their advantages.
Now it's just a matter of time to travel to a beautiful country (China), more precisely the city of Taizhou. Now enjoy this new adventure that you are going to do and discover every corner of the city you are going to visit.
For our part, we wish you a good trip and above all have fun in China.