The 7 Charming Accommodations in Xushan (China)

The 7 Charming Accommodations in Xushan (China) – If you are going to travel to Xushan, then you have to know the best hotels there.
The list was made while respecting several requirements that the vast majority of people are looking for, whether they are good rooms, cleanliness, a hotel team that is very professional and more.
All the establishments that are mentioned in the list, contain images, location and a button (if you want to know more information, or even think about booking).
We won't go any further with the introduction and start looking through the list, you're sure to find a hotel that interests you.

1 - Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel

Rated 4.2 in 13 reviews

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Ningbo, Cixi, 杨梅大道北路888号

Elegant Hotels in Xushan (China) - Ready to be surprised by Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel?
This establishment has rooms with everything very well organized, which helps to give elegance, but also thanks to the decoration. Another important aspect is the beds, which do not disappoint in any way, as they are very comfortable.
Regarding meals, more precisely breakfast, Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel has a good variety of choice. It is important to mention that the food is well prepared.
All spaces in the hotel have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention that they are always very clean.
Xushan is a very beautiful city, but if you are going to visit it, you need an excellent hotel like Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel to relax.


2 - Cixi International Hotel

Rated 5 in 3 reviews

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Ningbo, Cixi, 新城大道625号

Curious to know if it's a hotel that suits you?
The rooms at Cixi International Hotel have everything you need to wake up the next day ready to visit the city of Xushan full of energy.
The colors, as well as the decoration of the room, can make a person more relaxed, to the point of not thinking about anything else and having a good night's sleep.
When it comes to cleanliness, this is something that the team that works at the hotel is concerned about, so that the customer is always satisfied in this regard.
The Trip Everywhere team gives a high rating to this excellent establishment (Glamorous Resorts in Xushan (China)).


3 - Cixi Hotel

Rated 5 in 2 reviews

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407 Huan Cheng Nan Lu, Cixi, Ningbo

Xushan is a very beautiful city, but you still need to choose the hotel to stay, isn't it?
Cixi Hotel is something exceptional. From the decor, the bedrooms, the beds and even the lounge are amazing.
Regarding the team responsible for the establishment, we can say that they are very professional, but they also receive their customers with great sympathy and, above all, they are welcoming and ready to help. In short, don't hesitate to ask this excellent team for something.
As for the hotel area, it is close to some areas with restaurants, as well as some points of interest.
If you liked it, then don't hesitate and visit Cixi Hotel.


4 - Hanzhou Bay Universal Hotel

Rated 3.8 in 12 reviews

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288 Huan Cheng Nan Lu, Cixi, Ning Bo Shi

Luxury Lodges in Xushan (China) - Not sure which hotel to choose in Xushan? So let's see if Hanzhou Bay Universal Hotel catches the eye.
The hotel's facade is quite interesting and appealing, but the hotel's interior is what helps many people decide that it's really worth spending a few nights there.
We are talking more precisely about a very attractive decoration, not only in the entrance but also in other spaces, such as the lounge, the dining area and especially the rooms, but also the comfort that few hotels can achieve.
As for the Hanzhou Bay Universal Hotel employees, they are all very friendly, above all professional, not much to say in this matter.
Our evaluation is very positive about this establishment.



Incredible Inns In Xushan (China) - Conclusion:

Incredible Inns in Xushan (China) – It's currently at the end of the article, which means you might be a little undecided about which hotel to choose. If you are going to travel within a few days, we advise you to decide as soon as possible, as some of the hotels may not have rooms available on the particular day you are going there.
Once you've made your reservation, you're likely to be a little anxious for the day you head to the city of Xushan.
We hope you enjoy this new experience. Don't forget to take pictures to show your family and friends later.
Good trip.