The 10 Splendid Inns in Longyan (China)

Before heading to the city of Longyan, you will have to discover some of the fabulous hotels that are in this city.
The list was prepared by our team Trip Everywhere and we consider several aspects that people really care about in a hotel, so don't be surprised, because you will most likely find an establishment to your liking in this article.
The 10 Splendid Inns in Longyan (China) - We will not extend further in the introduction and find out which of the hotels will be most suitable for you. After choosing, you can start thinking about the wonderful experience you will have when traveling to China.

1 - Jinjiang Inn Longyan Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

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Longyan, Xinluo District, 溪畔路15号

If you're a detail-oriented person, why not get to know Jinjiang Inn Longyan Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street better?
A hotel that is not only concerned with the essentials, but also with something that can make its customers more satisfied and happy and for this very reason, it would be impossible not to mention it.
Whether it's customer service at the front desk or at meals, you're almost certain to not be disappointed. The Jinjiang Inn Longyan Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street team was very impressed with the hotel team, who pay attention to every detail so that the customer can always leave the hotel with a smile on their face.
As for the facilities, we can say that the rooms were very surprising, to the point of wanting to stay longer and continue to visit the points of interest in Jinjiang Inn Longyan Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street and surroundings.
This hotel is fully approved by the Trip Everywhere team.


2 - Ramada Longyan

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No.1 West Longchuan Road, Longyan

Hotel that could not be missing from this article.
Ramada Longyan is not far from some areas worth visiting. The nearby restaurants do not disappoint, where you can try some of the region's gastronomic delicacies.
Arriving now at the establishment itself, it has very cozy and beautiful rooms and it is still possible to enjoy some amenities.
Although there are many good places to have breakfast in the city of Longyan, the hotel does not disappoint either, not only for having some variety, but also for having excellent quality products.
Lovely Lodges in Longyan - It's very easy to love this establishment.


3 - Wanda Realm

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Longyan, Xinluo District, Shuanglong Rd, 月山村

A friendly and very welcoming hotel.
Wanda Realm contains rooms with very beautiful decoration, as well as the colors are suitable for that same decoration. One thing is for sure, a good night's sleep is guaranteed, not only by the rooms themselves, but also by the beds.
The hotel team is impeccable, from reception (they help with anything you need, whether it's something about the hotel or information about the city), to cleaning services (everything very clean). All the staff very kind to the guests and this is very important for a hotel like this.
Fantastic Lodges in Longyan - It's hard to look away from Wanda Realm.


4 - Shanshui Hotel

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Longyan, Xinluo District, Luolong E Rd, 罗龙路78

Sweet Accommodations in Longyan - An establishment you will fall in love with.
Whether inside or out, the hotel does not disappoint in terms of design, but the important thing is to know if the rooms are welcoming and comfortable for guests and the answer is yes.
Of course, a hotel is not only based on that, but also on other spaces, which are nothing behind the rooms in terms of refinement and modern touches.
The hotel team manages to be at the level of the establishment, which means that they can not only be very hardworking, but also helpful and, above all, friendly.
Shanshui Hotel has the main requirements that many people are looking for.


5 - Vienna International Hotel

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25F, Building A, Longgong Building, No.276, 龙岩大道 Longyan

A hotel that is situated close to some areas worth visiting in Longyan.
Vienna International Hotel has a certain refinement that is almost impossible to ignore, which in itself makes it worth the stay.
We are talking about a hotel that is ideal for a short or long term stay. The room is quite complete and comfortable, to the point that we even want something similar in our own house.
The lounge, though, is quite pleasant, so if you're waiting for a family member or friend, why not stick around for a while?
When it comes to meals, you won't be disappointed with the variety that Vienna International Hotel offers.
Tempting hotel isn't it?



Relevant Lodges In Longyan (China) - Conclusion:

Relevant Lodges in Longyan (China) – You have reached the end of the article. Do you already know which hotel to choose to have a good rest in the city of Longyan?
If so, then you will only have to book a room at this establishment and then focus on buying the ticket to go to China and then you will only have to wait for the day of the trip to arrive.
If you still don't know which hotels to choose, we advise you to focus on what is most important to you in a hotel, in this way, you may be able to exclude some of them, until you have the ideal hotel for you.
Now that that's all said, have a nice trip and have fun in Longyan.