The 4 Wonderful Resorts in Honiara (Solomon Islands)

The 4 Wonderful Resorts in Honiara (Solomon Islands) - The city of Honiara is a city that definitely deserves to be visited, not only for its beautiful tourist areas, but also for its gastronomy, but now there is a lack of a hotel to spend the nights, for that reason you are in this article.
Here we have shown the hotels that deserve to be highlighted, not only because customer satisfaction is very positive, but because they meet all the necessary criteria for them to be included in this article.
Now delight yourself with the hotels we have for you. All hotels have images and especially links, if you want to know more information, or even book.

1 - King Solomon Hotel

Rated 3.5 in 59 reviews

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HX93+43C, Hibiscus Ave, Honiara

King Solomon Hotel contains many strengths.
Let's start first by talking about the rooms, they are cozy and have impressive comfort (bed, among other things that leave the customer very satisfied). The cleaning of the rooms is done in a very professional way, nothing more to add in that aspect.
The corridors and other spaces are also quite appealing, they are nothing behind the most important divisions (bedrooms).
When it comes to breakfast, the hotel has some variety and the food preparation is simply exemplary.
Elegant Accommodations in Honiara - When visiting a beautiful city (Honiara), it is important to have a hotel that can have a relaxing night.


2 - Pacific Casino Hotel

Rated 3.3 in 55 reviews

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1298 Kukum Highway, Honiara

Want to get to know Pacific Casino Hotel better?
The establishment benefits from an interesting area, that is, it is close to tourist areas that may be of your liking.
As for the hotel itself, you will be pleasantly surprised, as the colors and decoration are very appealing, whether in the corridors, lounge or even in the dining room. Regarding the rooms, they guarantee comfort and everything that is essential for guests.
If you are a person who normally likes to try breakfast in a hotel, then we believe you will like the options that Pacific Casino Hotel has.
(Glamorous Lodges in Honiara (Solomon Islands)) - For those who want a good hotel that is more or less well located in Honiara.


3 - Heritage Park Hotel

Rated 4.1 in 113 reviews

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Mendana Ave, Honiara

A hotel that contains the essentials so that our customers can rest well at night, but not only.
Speaking of the rooms, they are generally elegant and the beds are quite comfortable, we can only say very well in this regard, for that very reason a hotel of choice for many customers. Not only that, but the isolation is good, to the point that you can't hear anything or almost nothing about what's going on outside.
The location of Heritage Park Hotel is not far from some points of interest of Honiara, which could be very important for the choice of this establishment.
Deserves a high note from the Trip Everywhere team.


4 - Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel

Rated 3.8 in 62 reviews

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HX93+XJF, Mendana Ave, Honiara

Secure your reservation at this charming hotel.
We are already saying to book, because it really is an establishment that probably has the requirements you were looking for so much.
The rooms at Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel are quite good, we are not only talking about comfort, but also the fact that it is quite beautiful and the fact that it contains some amenities.
Now we come to the breakfast part, you will see a lot of variety that you will surely like, whether savory or sweet.
Last but not least, are the spaces really clean? Yes, including the rooms, which is not surprising, because the team responsible for the hotel is very competent.
Surprising Lodges in Honiara - Have you already booked your stay at the hotel?



Elegant Resorts In Honiara (Solomon Islands) - Conclusion:

Elegant Resorts in Honiara (Solomon Islands) – As you just saw on the list, there are some excellent hotels and certainly at least one of them caught your attention.
Once you've decided which hotel you want to spend the nights in Honiara, all you have to do is make a reservation so that you can relax later and focus on simply packing your bags in peace.
This trip to the country (Solomon Islands) is still long, but you will realize that it will be worth it, as the country has incredible places that you will definitely want to see.
For our part, all that remains now is to wish you a good trip.