The 9 Thrilling Inns in Rawson (Argentina)

Want to discover the fabulous hotels in Rawson?
We have prepared a list of establishments that meet many of the requirements that people are looking for.
Regarding the country you are going to visit, you will certainly love to spend a few days there, for many reasons, such as gastronomy, historic areas or even the landscapes.
All the establishments that we have in the list, have images and the location of the same. If you later want to know more information, just click on the button.
The 9 Thrilling Inns in Rawson (Argentina) - Curious to know the list? So, don't waste any more time and start looking at hotels, you'll surely find the hotel that's right for you.

1 - La Casa de Paula Bed & Art

Rated 4.6 in 183 reviews

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Marconi 573, Trelew

La Casa de Paula Bed & Art couldn't be missing from this article, are you curious?
As you will notice in the images, it is a hotel that has very appealing facilities, which is difficult to ignore.
Now, the rooms, when you enter one of them, you can see how organized it is and the bed is quite comfortable, which makes it easy to fall asleep.
As for the other spaces, such as the lounge and dining room, they also have a very friendly and refined atmosphere.
An interesting point of La Casa de Paula Bed & Art is that it's not far from certain landmarks, so it won't be surprising that one of them is the one you also want to visit (La Casa de Paula Bed & Art).
Ready to stay at this hotel in Rawson?


2 - Hotel Provincia

Rated 3.5 in 414 reviews

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Av. Fontana 565. Ex, Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 625, Trelew

Lovely Resorts in Rawson - Hotel that always leaves a mark on everyone who visits the city of Rawson.
Nothing is perfect, however, Hotel Provincia has details that are worth spending at least one night.
One thing is for sure, whether in the bedrooms, lounge, or even in the dining room, you will not be disappointed. All spaces contain a very appealing design, as it is also possible to verify that the spaces are always very clean, thanks to the excellent work on the part of the employees in this segment.
The meals do not fall short of the rest, we are talking about products of very good quality and that you will not regret trying if you have breakfast at the hotel.
If you're wondering if it's worth staying at the hotel in Rawson, we say yes.



Rated 4.2 in 194 reviews

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A. P. Bell 263, Trelew

A hotel that has good features for you to relax? We think APART HOTEL ARGENTA will be right for you.
The establishment's rooms are quite good, due not only to the decoration, but also to everything they have for guests.
The other facilities at APART HOTEL ARGENTA, such as the dining room, are very welcoming, not to mention the excellent breakfast (all the food is very well prepared and there is a lot of variety).
Regarding the cleaning service, it is very competent, since all areas of the hotel are always very clean (including the rooms).
Magnificent Hotels in Rawson (Argentina) - A hotel to have a good night's rest.


4 - Hotel Libertador

Rated 4.3 in 1781 reviews

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Rivadavia 31, Trelew

If you are looking for a hotel that has professional but also attentive and helpful staff, why not check out Hotel Libertador?
It is true that there are hotels that contain incredible features, but if the hotel team is not minimally attentive and professional, this will not help people to return to that establishment and Hotel Libertador is able to attract customers for that very reason.
But of course the establishment is not only of this quality, the facilities are also quite good. One thing is for sure, the rooms are comfortable and you will be able to recharge your energy at this hotel.
Is it really worth spending a few nights at this hotel? The answer is yes (Fantastic Resorts in Rawson (Argentina)).


5 - La Casona del Rio

Rated 3.9 in 15 reviews

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Cap. Murga 3998, Trelew

The quality of La Casona del Rio is something impressive.
Whether in the comfort of the rooms, or in the elegance of the decoration, these are aspects that will simply leave anyone positively surprised.
The La Casona del Rio is not at all bad located in Rawson, with some tourist attractions and also some restaurants.
The hotel's meals are very good and have a lot of variety, but the best thing is that the food is of good quality and well-prepared.
As for the staff, there is little to say, they are professionals and try to answer any questions that guests may have, whether about the hotel or the city.
The evaluation of our team Trip Everywhere could only be positive, otherwise it would not be in this article (Fantastic Inns in Rawson).


6 - City

Rated 3.2 in 254 reviews

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Rivadavia 254, Trelew

City may have the requirements you are looking for.
An establishment that contains an excellent cleaning service, as well as the other services are not far behind. It is a very hardworking hotel team and always ready to help guests with whatever they need, you will simply be surprised.
Another very important detail is also the breakfast, everything is very well prepared, not to mention the good quality of the products.
Regarding the rooms, everything is very tidy and clean, apart from being very cozy and you can count on good comfort.
City usually meets most of the requirements that people are looking for, so it always contains guests (Stunning Lodges in Rawson).


7 - Hotel Galicia

Rated 4 in 579 reviews

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9 de Julio 214, Trelew

Looking forward to discovering an establishment that meets your requirements in Argentina? We start with Hotel Galicia , well located in the city of Rawson with several accesses and points of interest and with several transports available for the local population.

Magnificent Hotels in Rawson (Argentina) , for those looking for a hotel with good rooms, well-appointed and with a certain refinement, we even dare to say that it is one of the best in Argentina, the team responsible for the hotel has immense experience in customer service and knows how to treat the customer in the best possible way. A choice approved by our team Trip Everywhere.


8 - Hotel Cheltum

Rated 3.7 in 534 reviews

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Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1385, Trelew

What do you think about trying to stay at this hotel?
In Hotel Cheltum you will be pleased with what you will see, from the spaces, as well as the rooms, which are composed of everything necessary for a person to be able to relax.
Regarding the hotel team, he is very professional, as well as very helpful and concerned with making guests happy. A good example of this is the cleaning service, which is extremely competent in what it does.
Lovely Hotels in Rawson - The hotel is not badly located to visit some points of interest, or even try the gastronomy in some restaurants around.
We give Hotel Cheltum a very positive note.


9 - Hotel Touring Club

Rated 4.2 in 1576 reviews

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Av. Fontana 240, Trelew

Nowadays hotels are getting more and more sophisticated and Hotel Touring Club is one of them.
All rooms contain Wi-Fi connection, so that you are never disconnected from the internet world. Other than that, they are elegant rooms, thanks to the design and the way things are organized. Finally, the beds are very comfortable, which means that guests will have a good night's sleep.
Spaces such as the lounge or the dining room have a very welcoming atmosphere, which is not surprising for an establishment of this caliber.
Best Resorts in Rawson - Although there are many hotels, not all of them can guarantee a high quality like Hotel Touring Club.



Awesome Resorts In Rawson (Argentina) - Conclusion:

Awesome Resorts in Rawson (Argentina) – If you're here, then you've just looked at the list and you've already chosen your hotel. Now all you have to do is book a room at the chosen hotel.
Get ready to travel to a country that contains several wonders, from landscapes, gastronomy, among many other things that you will love.
If you ever have doubts about choosing a hotel in a certain city, don't waste time and come to our website, we will most likely have an article about what you are looking for.
Our team Trip Everywhere wishes you a good trip and enjoy this new adventure.