The 9 Formidable Resorts in Parana (Argentina)

The 9 Formidable Resorts in Parana (Argentina) - Starting your search for the various hotels ? Our Trip Everywhere team has created an exclusive list of hotels in Paraná! This fantastic country has wonderful gastronomy, along with its rich culture, we believe you will love Argentina.

The establishments meet some of the demanding criteria, such as customer satisfaction, independent reviews and of course the respective images and links so you can start the fantastic experience with your family.

The 9 Formidable Resorts in Parana (Argentina) - Let's not extend this introduction any longer, let's get to know the fantastic list that you will meet.

1 - Maran Suites & Towers

Rated 4.5 in 2620 reviews

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Av, Alameda de la Federación 698, Paraná

Incredible Hotels in Parana (Argentina) – If you are looking for a very welcoming hotel, why not stay at Maran Suites & Towers.
This establishment has everything for you to fully recharge your batteries. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and contain some amenities that you may like. Whether the rooms, or other spaces, are all very clean.
Coming now to breakfast, you will find a wide variety of choice (all products are of good quality).
The hotel is not badly located in Parana, this means that you can visit some points of interest that are nearby.
Incredible Hotels in Parana (Argentina) - Why not spend a few nights in Maran Suites & Towers?


2 - Bardot Hostel

Rated 4.5 in 169 reviews

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Monte Caseros 578, Paraná

Bardot Hostel is simply stunning, but ask why? We show.
Starting with the area where it is located, which contains some restaurants with typical dishes from Parana, as well as some very interesting areas that you may like.
Regarding Bardot Hostel, it is an establishment that ends up being premium in many ways, for that reason it is also one of the most cherished. Starting with the rooms, they are simply incredible, very comfortable and contain the essentials. One thing to highlight is the reception as well as the entire hotel team, who are very helpful and help with whatever is needed.
As for the meals, there is a lot of care so that the customer is very pleased.
Do you think this will be your hotel of choice?


3 - Hotel Bertaina

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Hipólito Irigoyen 2255, Santa Fe

An establishment that deserves to be highlighted.
The entire team responsible for Hotel Bertaina treats customers with unusual friendliness, which in itself helps us to be satisfied that we entered the hotel (not only during service, but during our entire stay).
The breakfast, although nothing extraordinary, has some variety and is served in a sublime way.
As for cleanliness, it is noted that both in the dining room and in the bedrooms and other spaces, everything is always very clean.
Regarding the points to visit in the city of Parana or even Argentina, we always advise you to ask at reception if you have any doubts.
It's worth spending a few nights at Hotel Bertaina.


4 - Puerto Amarras Hotel & Suites

Rated 4.2 in 2609 reviews

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Santa Fe

Hotel that could not be missing from this article.
Puerto Amarras Hotel & Suites is not far from some areas worth visiting. The nearby restaurants do not disappoint, where you can try some of the region's gastronomic delicacies.
Arriving now at the establishment itself, it has very cozy and beautiful rooms and it is still possible to enjoy some amenities.
Although there are many good places to have breakfast in the city of Parana, the hotel does not disappoint either, not only for having some variety, but also for having excellent quality products.
Attractive Accommodations in Parana (Argentina) - It's very easy to love this establishment.


5 - Howard Johnson by Wyndham Plaza Hotel Mayorazgo

Rated 4.4 in 4401 reviews

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Avenida Luis Etchevehere, Francisco de Miranda 331 Y, Paraná

One of the many hotels in Argentina that catches the eye.
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Plaza Hotel Mayorazgo contains a slightly different design than usual, but nice to look at. The requirements to have a satisfied customer are respected to the fullest, something that is only within the reach of a few. When we talk about it, it is more precisely when it comes to cleaning service (very professional staff), meals and above all at the reception.
As for the facilities, they are even a little spacious. The rooms contain a lot of class and comfort, to the point of being able to have a very peaceful night (almost non-existent noises).
Nothing beats visiting the landmarks of Parana and then getting a good night's sleep in Howard Johnson by Wyndham Plaza Hotel Mayorazgo.


6 - Ámbit Boulevard Hotel Boutique

Rated 4.1 in 443 reviews

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Blvd. Gálvez 1408, Santa Fe

Looking forward to discovering an establishment that meets your requirements in Argentina? We start with Ámbit Boulevard Hotel Boutique , well located in the city of Parana with several accesses and points of interest and with several transports available for the local population.

Marvelous Hotels in Parana , for those looking for a hotel with good rooms, well-appointed and with a certain refinement, we even dare to say that it is one of the best in Argentina, the team responsible for the hotel has immense experience in customer service and knows how to treat the customer in the best possible way. A choice approved by our team Trip Everywhere.


7 - Gran Hotel Paraná

Rated 3.9 in 1656 reviews

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Gral. Justo José de Urquiza 976, Paraná

An establishment for all types of tourism.
If you are a very active person, Gran Hotel Paraná might be ideal, as they have rooms with everything you need. The beds are quite comfortable, which can be a strong point, so that you can fully rest and be ready for the next day and visit all the points of interest in Parana, as well as try the gastronomy.
If you are a less active person, you can always enjoy all aspects of the establishment, such as meals, lounge and much more.
One thing is for sure, it will be very well received at Gran Hotel Paraná. If you were curious, then why not choose this one now?


8 - Hotel Provincial

Rated 3.4 in 411 reviews

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Villaguay 162, Paraná

Secure your reservation at this charming hotel.
We are already saying to book, because it really is an establishment that probably has the requirements you were looking for so much.
The rooms at Hotel Provincial are quite good, we are not only talking about comfort, but also the fact that it is quite beautiful and the fact that it contains some amenities.
Now we come to the breakfast part, you will see a lot of variety that you will surely like, whether savory or sweet.
Last but not least, are the spaces really clean? Yes, including the rooms, which is not surprising, because the team responsible for the hotel is very competent.
Magnificent Hotels in Parana (Argentina) - Have you already booked your stay at the hotel?


9 - Hotel Castelar

Rated 3.8 in 1674 reviews

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2349, CFA, 25 de Mayo, Santa Fe

Hotel Castelar has a lot of requirements that many guests are looking for.
Whether it's the facade or the interior of the hotel, you can say it's quite elegant, not to mention the cozy atmosphere. As for the rooms, they are cozy, so the nights are guaranteed to be relaxing.
As for cleaning, it is always done in a very professional way and you can always see it when you enter one of the rooms.
Regarding breakfast, all foods are well prepared and there is some variety, whether savory or sweet (Beautiful Hotels in Parana).
Elegant hotel that guarantees excellent comfort. The ideal choice if you want to have a good rest.



Charming Inns In Paraná (Argentina) - Conclusion:

Charming Inns in Paraná (Argentina) – We believe you have found a hotel that suits you on this list.
After choosing the hotel, we strongly advise you to book a room immediately, so you don't have to worry anymore.
If there are a few days left, then you can already take a look at the city you are going to visit and thus get a little idea of what you can do there.
For our part, all that remains is to wish you a good trip and don't forget to bring souvenirs and some photographs to remember and show your family and friends.