The 7 Top Inns in Catamarca (Argentina)

Catamarca is a great city to visit, that's why you'll have to stay in a hotel that guarantees a relaxing night.
In this article you will get to know some of the wonderful hotels that are in the city. All these hotels that are mentioned in our list are committed to guaranteeing guests an excellent stay.
Now get ready to select a hotel that suits you and get ready to discover a city full of magnificent landscapes and also to try the formidable gastronomy.
The 7 Top Inns in Catamarca (Argentina) - Which hotel will you be most impressed with?

1 - Hotel Arenales

Rated 3.9 in 804 reviews

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Sarmiento 542, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca

Every detail comes to mind at this hotel. Whether in design, spaces or even rooms, everything turns out to be surprising.
As if that wasn't enough, all the staff at Hotel Arenales are very helpful and very kind. Even when information regarding the city of Catamarca or even the country (Argentina) is needed, the hotel staff is ready to provide all the information they can.
As for the cleaning service, great care is noted, both in cleaning the rooms and in other spaces.
The hotel is in a very interesting area, with some landmarks that are worth visiting.
The details can sometimes be the most important.



Rated 3.8 in 24 reviews

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San isidro Valle Viejo, San Isidro

Curious to know if it's a hotel that suits you?
The rooms at CABAÑAS LDM have everything you need to wake up the next day ready to visit the city of Catamarca full of energy.
The colors, as well as the decoration of the room, can make a person more relaxed, to the point of not thinking about anything else and having a good night's sleep.
When it comes to cleanliness, this is something that the team that works at the hotel is concerned about, so that the customer is always satisfied in this regard.
The Trip Everywhere team gives a high rating to this excellent establishment (Attractive Hotels in Catamarca).


3 - La Maison

Rated 4.2 in 93 reviews

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San Martín 858, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca

La Maison could very likely have the requirements you are looking for.
Let's start by talking about the location first, the hotel is very well located in Catamarca, so it's possible to try the traditional dishes of the region by going to one of the nearby restaurants.
As for the points of interest, the La Maison is not far from some that may be to your liking and that you really want to visit.
As for the hotel, it has comfortable and quite beautiful rooms, which means that you will recover your energy well in this establishment.
Pleasant Lodges in Catamarca - A good hotel in a wonderful city.


4 - "Catamarca Hospedaje Star"

Rated 4.1 in 35 reviews

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Pedro Maidana 100, San Isidro

An establishment that deserves to be highlighted.
The entire team responsible for "Catamarca Hospedaje Star" treats customers with unusual friendliness, which in itself helps us to be satisfied that we entered the hotel (not only during service, but during our entire stay).
The breakfast, although nothing extraordinary, has some variety and is served in a sublime way.
As for cleanliness, it is noted that both in the dining room and in the bedrooms and other spaces, everything is always very clean.
Regarding the points to visit in the city of Catamarca or even Argentina, we always advise you to ask at reception if you have any doubts.
It's worth spending a few nights at "Catamarca Hospedaje Star".


5 - La Aguada Hotel Boutique de Montaña

Rated 4.7 in 108 reviews

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Paraje La Aguada s/n, Coneta

Stupendous Lodges in Catamarca (Argentina) - The La Aguada Hotel Boutique de Montaña has all the elements for you to be able to rest well at night.
Let's talk about the rooms first, they contain a relaxing atmosphere, thanks not only to the colors, but also to the organization and also in the rest of the decoration. The beds are comfortable, so you're sure to get a good night's sleep.
Breakfast is something not to be missed, given the options you have to choose from (the products are of very good quality).
It is important to mention that the hotel is located in a place with restaurants with the country's cuisine (Argentina) and also some points of reference that may be of interest to you.
An establishment that could not be missing from our list.


6 - Cabañas Ismiango “Agua de los pajaritos”

Rated 4.6 in 26 reviews

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RP22, Collagasta

A hotel that contains the essentials so that our customers can rest well at night, but not only.
Speaking of the rooms, they are generally elegant and the beds are quite comfortable, we can only say very well in this regard, for that very reason a hotel of choice for many customers. Not only that, but the isolation is good, to the point that you can't hear anything or almost nothing about what's going on outside.
The location of Cabañas Ismiango “Agua de los pajaritos” is not far from some points of interest of Catamarca, which could be very important for the choice of this establishment.
Deserves a high note from the Trip Everywhere team.


7 - Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel

Rated 4.4 in 2232 reviews

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República 347, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca

If you haven't considered any hotel yet, then it is likely that the situation could change now.
Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel has places nearby that you will surely want to at least take a look at.
As far as the hotel is concerned, you will find a very friendly atmosphere. All divisions of the establishment have a very elegant decoration, as well as the spaces are all very clean (including the rooms).
If you are a person who prefers to have a morning meal at the establishment, then you will not regret it, as there is a wide variety to choose from (all foods are well prepared).
We could only give a positive rating to this hotel (Formidable Inns in Catamarca).



Glamorous Accommodations In Catamarca (Argentina) - Conclusion:

Glamorous Accommodations in Catamarca (Argentina) – We believe you have found a hotel that suits you on this list.
After choosing the hotel, we strongly advise you to book a room immediately, so you don't have to worry anymore.
If there are a few days left, then you can already take a look at the city you are going to visit and thus get a little idea of what you can do there.
For our part, all that remains is to wish you a good trip and don't forget to bring souvenirs and some photographs to remember and show your family and friends.